Monday, March 15, 2010

Elf Shimmer Palette Review

Yesterday, I went to Winners and stumbled upon a little gem. Elf products are either a hit or miss (usually a miss, I've noticed.) So I was hesitant at buying it. But considering that I'm obsessed with anything that will highlight my dull face, I went ahead and bought it anyway.
I'm pretty damn impressed with this product. It contains 4 different colored cream highlighters. A pearl, peachy pink, gold, and deeper pink.
I'm a big fan of MACs cream color base, (especially in Hush) but I find that sometimes they can be sticky because of how thick their consistency is. (Don't get me wrong - I still love them to death.. TO DEATH.) The Shimmer palette however, has a very fine silky consistency and it dries relatively faster than the cream color base. Blends in nicely with my skin, and doesn't get cakey when I apply it to the inner corner of my eye (Like the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils do. I can't wear them!)
All in all, I'm very impressed. It's cheap too, only $3!! The only downside I could see is that I don't think they'll last all day. But at that price: seriously, who cares.
Buy Elf Shimmer Palette!


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